Mzee Polo Piach

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  • Background

    Mzee Polo Piach is a 51 year old warrior. He is the Ruoth of Tekidi and an elder for the Council of War. He is also known as the Third Son of Thunder.

  • Personality

    Polo Piach is a brooding character who takes the responsibilities of leadership very seriously. He is also very strict especially with his youngest son, Oru.

  • Appearance

    Polo Piach wears a rich headdress made of Ostrich feathers and Hippo teeth, signifying his status as an accomplished warrior and a leader. He wears a leather dress that falls slightly below his knees.

  • Abilties

    As the leader of his clan, Piach has mastery over the weather. He easily manipulates the wind, causing it to take the form of a rhino for offensive purposes.